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"Sara is knowledgeable, motivating & creative (her workouts are never boring)! She inspires you to always push a little harder . . . but, best of all, she helps you achieve long-lasting results!!" Kathy G., 56



"I have been a gym acquaintance of Sara Ryan’s for several years now and am pleased to endorse her as a fitness instructor. I first met Sara at the HCYMCA when we were group fitness class participants. Even then Sara’s passion for fitness was evident in her consistent attendance and willingness to help others to become better acclimated to the class. As an instructor Sara’s enthusiasm is evident in all she does. She addresses everyone in the class as equals yet manages to challenge all participants to stretch their limits by demonstrating each move at various levels of fitness. You can always count on Sara smiling throughout the entire session and finding ways to entertain the class with impromptu moves or silly anecdotes. I would recommend Sara to anyone as an excellent instructor and mentor in navigating a path to better fitness!" Megan R.